Ratos's management team includes Jonas Wiström, Helene Gustafsson, Henrik Lundh, Anders Slettengren, Magnus Stephensen and Peter Wallin.

Jonas Wiström

Wiström Jonas

President and CEO

Maria Backe

Backe Maria

Group Accounting Manager

Yvonne Bonnier

Bonnier Yvonne


Helene Gustafsson

Gustafsson Helene

Head of IR & Press

Helena Jansson

Jansson Helena


Christian Johansson Gebauer

Johansson Gebauer Christian

Director Operations

Martina Kengo

Kengo Martina

Group Financial Controller

Cecilia Linton

Linton Cecilia

Teamleader Office Support

Henrik Lundh

Lundh Henrik

Vice President

Per Magnusson

Magnusson Per

Director Operations

Karl Molander

Molander Karl

Head of Debt Management

Robin Molvin

Molvin Robin

Vice President

Anna Ringberg

Ringberg Anna

CEO Assistant

Johan Rydmark

Rydmark Johan


Anders Slettengren

Slettengren Anders

Vice President

Magnus Stephensen

Stephensen Magnus

General Counsel

Carina Strid

Strid Carina

Finance Manager

Terese Svensson

Svensson Terese

Director Operations

Joakim Twetman

Twetman Joakim

Director Operations