The people at Ratos

People make the difference

In all business, value is created by people. Attracting, developing and retaining skilled employees and talent is imperative to Ratos and our companies’ ability to deliver and realise long-term success. Therefore, a major priority for us is that we and our companies are attractive employers.

Focus on the right skills

The investment organisation is staffed with people who have extensive experience in operational development and strategic analysis, people who often have a background as management consultants or from operative roles. They are continuously involved in investment processes, and lead the work in Ratos’s companies together with each company’s board and management. Ratos’s organisation also includes people with expertise in communication, legal matters, financing and accounting.

The power of teamwork

Each company has a team which normally consists of two Ratos employees, one of whom is responsible for the investment, with one or more as a member of the company’s board. The composition of the team and its team spirit is key. Together with the company’s management and boards we draft ambitious business plans to create growth and profitability, and to realise our return target.

Network with Nordic business experience

Our Industrial Advisors act as advisors in investment processes and during operational development of the companies, and are often board members in the companies as well as members of our Advisory Boards. Furthermore, we work with an extended network of qualified advisors who have long-standing business experience from all the Nordic countries. To further broaden and improve our Nordic contact base, we have Advisory Boards in Denmark, Finland and Norway made up of people with many years of business experience. They act as Ratos’s representatives and share their knowledge of local business life and contacts in their individual networks since the Nordic countries differ in several respects, including corporate structure, sector distribution and business culture.

The Ratos spirit

Ratos’s actions are based on our core values – we will be entrepreneurial, committed and responsible. Through good business ethics, we ensure that those with whom we do business will be able to trust us, want to choose us and return to us. These values define how we work and interact with each other and our stakeholders.




Entrepreneurial since we encourage original approaches, curiosity and harness opportunities, conduct business and build companies.

Committed and dedicated in our businesses, companies and the people who lead and work at Ratos and its companies. Responsible since we have high demands on business ethics and weigh in the consequences of the decisions we are involved in for people and the environment.