Sustainability in our activities (Ratos AB)

Ratos’s direct impact is very slight in relation to the portfolio companies’ impact. Ratos’s work as responsible investor and owner has top priority. Ratos’s most pronounced impact is realised through responsible ownership. Financial strength and resilience are a prerequisite for Ratos’s ability to conduct its operations and develop companies for the future.

Parent company’s sustainability agenda

Develop and involve our employees
Ratos places great importance on strategic talent development and supply, better equal opportunities and diversity, and a sound occupational environment and health, including work-life balance. See Ratos's annual report for more information about Ratos’s employees and how Ratos addresses these issues.

Do business with good business ethics and culture
Ratos’s excellent reputation and the opportunity to do sound business rests on good business ethics. Ratos will ensure that the company’s values and ethical rules permeate all operations and that all employees understand and comply with the Code of Conduct adopted by Ratos’s Board of Directors. Ratos’s internal policies and process for ethics and compliance secure high quality and long-term confidence from the market. Ratos’s employees, including new recruits, receive training in business ethics, the Code of Conduct and how it relates to their role in the company, and regularly discuss what this means in practice.

Ensure sound corporate governance and transparency
Sound corporate governance creates value and Ratos aims for high transparency in our operations. We strive to continuously improve our corporate governance and communication to safeguard high quality and the market’s long-term confidence.

Lead by example: climate responsibility
To be able to make demands and influence our companies, Ratos must lead by example. Climate issues concern everyone and, as a company, Ratos wants to contribute to a better environment and reduce climate impact. We do so by measuring and reducing/limiting our consumption of energy and consumables, optimising business travel and adapting requirements when making larger purchases of goods and services.Ratos has an environmental policy and plan for its internal environmental work that aims to reduce Ratos’s environmental impact. Since 2014, Ratos writes a yearly climate report (scope 1, scope 2 and parts of scope 3 according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol). Ratos’s greatest climate impact stems from business flights. Networking and personal meetings are fundamental to our ability to do business, and Ratos will continue to prioritise critical business trips. Consequently, we started to make climate compensation for all air travel in 2014. As of 2015, Ratos uses only renewable electricity, and as of 2016, electricity labelled good environmental choice.