How we work with sustainability

Responsibility, governance and follow-up

Ratos’s active ownership necessitates a clear division of responsibility and follow-up. Ratos’s CEO has the overall responsibility for Ratos’s sustainability strategy and initiatives. 

The CEO and management of each company have operational responsibility for the company’s CR work. Each company board is ultimately responsible for ensuring the company complies with Ratos’s and the company’s policies and guidelines. Each company has an established process that enables the board to regularly follow-up sustainability efforts and that stipulates that the board is expected to receive a report about and discuss the progress of sustainability efforts at least once a year. Each company’s board ensures that the company meets Ratos’s sustainability requirements and performs an annual review of work on these issues. As of 2014, all companies (owned >1 year) submit an annual sustainability report to Ratos.


Ratos and the Board have drawn up a total of 13 policies, of which mainly five focus on issues relating to sustainability and responsibility:

  • Ownership policy – clarifies how Ratos’s core values must be reflected when exercising the ownership role.
  • Code of Conduct – clarifies the behaviour expected from Ratos's employees and representatives.
  • Policy for sustainability, CR and and responsible investments.
  • Environmental policy – makes it clear that environmental consideration must be included as a natural part of Ratos and our companies.
  • Policy for community involvement – clarifies our work with issues of a social nature.