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Employees, human rights and working conditions

Implementation of Ratos’s development plans in each company cannot be done without talented, dedicated and healthy employees. Most of the Group’s employees work in the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe, and some in in Asia and North America. Several of the companies have operations that put employees at a greater risk of work-related injury. A good, safe work environment, employee dedication and talent development are therefore top-priority issues. Respect for human rights, reasonable working conditions and freedom of association are other key aspects. This applies to both the companies’ own operations and that of their suppliers and partners.

As owner, Ratos makes it clear that international conventions, human rights, and employee rights and working conditions must be respected, which is stipulated in Ratos’s Code of Conduct. The companies are to implement a code of conduct in line with Ratos’s Code. Based on a risk analysis, the same will also be implemented in the value chain in a suitable manner.

In the sustainability reports that the companies’ are asked to compile every year, sick leave and the share of women in senior positions is reported as the same standard.