Responsibility for environmental and climate impact - Ratos
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Responsibility for environmental and climate impact

Our companies are the source of Ratos’s greatest environmental impact. All companies will implement an environmental policy and plan based on an analysis that identifies the drivers of the company’s greatest environmental impact. Each company has a delegated responsibility to comply with relevant environmental legislation/standards, ensure that environmental permits exist, and so on.

For Ratos as an investor, climate impact and change is a relevant issue. Fossil fuels contribute to climate change and, at the same time, our world is dependent on fossil energy. For some time to come, the world needs to drive a switch to a sustainable supply of energy. Ratos encourages its companies to develop sustainable and “climate smart” products and services, and to advocate more focus on energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions through sector and company-specific initiatives. In addition, regular assessments are performed concerning the current companies’ risks and impact in relation to climate issues. In companies where fossil fuels are part of the supply chain, Ratos helps the company develop its strategy to integrate the transformation of the energy sector in progress.

The companies’ sustainability reports contain a compilation of energy consumption (kWh) and relative energy consumption. For companies that have their own production, expectations are higher and involve among other things, waste management and water consumption. Ratos’s companies will implement CO2 footprint reporting during 2016 in line with the GHG Protocol.