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Ratos as a responsible owner

Ratos’s ambition as owner includes driving the sustainability agenda in our companies.

Sustainability is an integrated part of the exercise of our ownership role throughout the holding period – from decision processes ahead of an acquisition through ongoing development work to a responsible exit. 

We continuously make new acquisitions where we work to steadily highlight sustainability initiatives during the holding period. Therefore the portfolio companies will always include a combination of companies with well developed sustainability work and those which are less mature. Over time through our active ownership we can contribute to a growing number of medium-sized companies in the Nordic region strengthening their sustainability initiatives.

Ratos is a sector generalist, which means that our companies are affected by many different issues. We therefore have both common requirements for the entire portfolio and company-specific efforts to ensure focus on sustainability issues relevant to each company. Our demands emanate from relevant legislation and the Global Compact’s principles and are clarified in our Corporate Responsibility (CR) framework. It has a basic level that applies to all subsidiaries, and a number of additional modules with requirements for specific companies based on their operations and market presence. In addition, Ratos encourages own initiatives which strengthen the company’s sustainability work and sustainable business development.  

The base for each company’s sustainability work should constitute a well-defined strategy and set targets, anchored in the company’s board, including a plan for how the CR framework will be implemented and complied with in operations.

We have an ongoing dialogue with each company’s management and sustainability manager to bolster each company’s sustainability efforts during our ownership. We also lend concrete support and we monitor the work regularly. Practical tools are provides to facilitate implementation. To enhance sustainability efforts Ratos's organisation is offered training regularly.