Our approach to sustainability - Ratos
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Our approach to sustainability

Our approach to sustainability is part of our active ownership, where the exercise of the ownership role must combine long-term sustainable development with the highest possible returns. As a long-term owner our sustanability approach contributes to value creation and is the basis for positive development in our companies.

We work with sustainability both strategically and operationally, with clear objectives and follow-up with our companies in sustainability issues.

Sustainability aspects also influence the choice of industries and companies in which we invest. Ratos does not invest in companies working in the arms industry, those with obvious negative environmental impact, those producing or actively promoting pornography or in companies producing tobacco products.

Our standpoints regarding international conventions and impacts on the climate guide us when assessing new investments and in developing our portfolio compaines. For our exclusion criteria see our policy on sustainability, CR and responsible investments.

Our stakeholders and key issues

The basis for our approach are the most important material sustainability issues for Ratos and our stakeholders. Ratos’s key stakeholders include the employees, management groups and boards of Ratos and our companies, business partners as co-investors, and our shareholders. These groups are prioritised since their influence on Ratos’s financial, environmental and social aspects are key for its operations.

Ratos’s sustainability issues have been prioritised based on intelligence gathering, stakeholder dialogues and materiality analysis.