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Mentor Sverige

Since 2006, Ratos is a corporate partner of Mentor Sweden, which gives young people strength to grow.

Mentor Sweden is a non-profit organisation which together with the Swedish business community and volunteers works to prevent the use of drugs and violence among young people. This is done through a mentorship programme and through support to parents via a parenting programme that offers courses and seminars to spread knowledge and create awareness.

Mentor Sweden is a sibling of Mentor International which works actively in several countries for young people's health. The method is based on focusing on the positive and, at an early stage, on the protective factors that ensure that a young person does not go off the rails. Research shows that one of the main preventive factors is good relationships with adults: parents, teachers, relatives and other adults. Another important protective factor, which Mentor Sweden seeks to strengthen, is a willingness to go to school and the motivation to study.

Mentor Sweden:

  • gives young people a mentor, an extra adult
  • supports parents in their parenting through courses and seminars
  • co-operates with schools to give students inspiration and motivation to attend school