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Klaragården (Stockholm's City Mission)

The Stockholm’s City Mission’s house Klaragården is a refuge for vulnerable women in the Stockholm area which they can visit daily for a meal, a shower, a sleep or other support such as advice on legal matters. Ratos is a project partner since 2004.

In the early 1990s, one group of vulnerable people in Stockholm increased – homeless women. Women who are confronted daily with the harsh conditions on the street and the scorn of society. Many are dependent on men for survival and the price they pay is high.

This realisation made Stockholm's City Mission (Stockholms Stadsmission) plan a free zone in which vulnerable women are welcome regardless of their condition. On 8 March 1993, Klaragården was inaugurated as Sweden's first low-threshold service for women. Klaragården is a haven from drugs, violence, prostitution and crime.

To be able to start and go through a process of change or simply cope with everyday life, it is important that their basic needs are satisfied. Klaragården provides an opportunity to shower, get clean clothes, eat, rest, sleep and socialise.

Klaragården supports women in staying in touch with their private and professional networks and provides links to social services, addiction treatment, psychiatry and other medical care.