Sustainability - Ratos
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Sustainable development at Ratos

Sustainability - to take responsibility for a company's effect on the environment and stakeholders - is important in order to nurture the trust Ratos has built up in the Swedish business community and society for over 150 years. 

Ratos’s most pronounced impact is realised through responsible ownership. As a responsible owner, we create value by establishing companies with a pronounced sustainability agenda. Our focus on sustainability stems from a conviction that sustainable business is value-generating and necessary for continued sound development in Ratos and society. To achieve this necessitates the parent company actively working with employees, business ethics, corporate governance and serving as good role models. To preserve and create value, Ratos conducts structured sustainability initiatives with demands and support to each individual company.

In 2013, Ratos became a signatory to the UN Global Compact’s ten principles for responsible business operations as well as the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, PRI. These principles provide a basis for our sustainability agenda.