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Development model

Each investment situation is unique, and even if the companies operate strategically, operationally and financially independent of each other, there is a common denominator for our activities. Ratos’s focus is to contribute to long-term and sustainable business development based on common values. Our ownership model is based on four cornerstones.

1. Values

Ratos’s actions are based on the core values entrepreneurial, committed and responsible. Entrepreneurial because we in our companies want to stimulate curiosity, original approaches and change and reinforce a genuine interest in entrepreneurship. Committed since we want to work closely with key people in the companies, develop ideas and act together. Responsible since we have high demands on business ethics and always weigh the consequences of the decisions we are involved in for people and the environment. Those with whom we do business will be able to trust us, want to choose us and return to us.

2. Focus on value creation

When we invest in a new company, a thorough and ambitious strategy and business plan with clear business targets for development and financial effects, are prepared. Together with the companies’ executive management, we cultivate the conditions for further growth and better profitability. Ratos has a flexible ownership horizon, which is often between five and ten years. We strive for long-term, lasting effects in our work with the companies and take part in driving sustainability development in the companies in which we are active.

3. Governance

A distinct structure for corporate governance is always introduced in companies in which we invest. A board is appointed comprising people who bring strategic expertise and industrial experience. The chairman of the board is recruited externally. Management has clear and complete operational mandate and responsibility. In parallel with a formal corporate governance, we want to create a close collaboration and common agenda for the company’s development. We do so through our troikas (CEO, chairman of the board and Ratos’s company executive) which prepare key issues and serve as a sounding board for the CEO.

4. Tool box

Ratos lends expertise, experience, contacts and capital to our companies. This is done in part via board work, and in part through daily contacts between key people in the companies and Ratos’s employees, as well as forums organised by Ratos in which employees from different companies meet and exchange best practices. Ratos’s organisation contains experience accumulated in strategy processes, business analysis, transactions, financing, accounting, sustainability and brand issues that contribute to the companies’ development.