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How are successful companies created?

Ratos invests in Nordic companies with a clear development potential. Our core expertise as an active and responsible owner creates good value growth over time. Value is created in connection with acquisition, development and divestment of the companies.

Ratos's business model

Companies with clear potential for development, employees with strong drive and innovative ideas, and the potential to meet Ratos’s required return target are interesting investment opportunities. Ratos mainly invests in unlisted companies in the Nordic countries, and ideally in partnership with entrepreneurs and other owners who see the advantage of our profile, flexible ownership horizon and sound values. Every year Ratos analyses many interesting investment opportunities, where  only a few lead to acquisitions. Most ideas are generated within Ratos’s investment organisation while others come from our Nordic network. We participate in processes driven by investment banks and other advisors, too.

Ratos’s goal is to generate value by developing successful companies. We lend the innovativeness, experience, expertise, contacts and capital needed to realise the potential of the companies in which we invest. Together with the executive management of these companies, we cultivate conditions for further growth and improved profitability. Many companies undergo a total transformation during our holding period. The companies’ ability to show development in financial, environmental and social sustainability is high on the agenda.

We work together with the companies toward mutual goals, normally with a time perspective of between five and ten years. However, Ratos has a flexible ownership horizon and stays on as owner as long as we contribute to the development of the company and meet our return target.

We endeavour to combine long-term sustainable development with the highest possible return.