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Plantasjen - new growth strategy focusing on plants

In November, Ratos concluded the acquisition of 99% of the shares in Plantasjen, the Nordic region’s leading retail chain for plants and gardening accessories.

Since its founding in 1986 in Norway, Plantasjen has developed its operations, strengthened its brand and established itself broadly in the Nordic region. It now has a market-leading position with a total of 124 stores in Norway, Sweden and Finland, and a primary focus on consumers.

For us, Plantasjen is a very exciting company with a strong brand and broad product range in a market that is growing. There is high potential for increased growth by a sharper focus on the range of plant products, to meet the increased interest in gardening and cultivation. Based on our experience in driving growth in consumer companies, combined with the company’s strong management and ambitious business plan, we look forward to an interesting journey going forward,” explains Magnus Agervald, CEO at Ratos and company executive for Plantasjen.

The market for plants and gardening accessories has stable growth and underlying positive trends in the form of increased interest in cultivation, gardening and interior design. Plantasjen has a leading market position today, but also a clear development plan for strengthening this position and further expansion through, among other measures, smaller, more centrally located stores.

“We have a clear growth strategy and a vision to make Plantasjen a leading brand for plans in all channels. Combined with Ratos’s experience, competence and capital, the potential for realising this strategy is great,” says Jon Abrahamsson Ring, President and CEO of Plantasjen.

Ratos’s highest priority now is to support Plantasjen during its continued growth journey, both by identifying new, exciting add-on acquisitions and by growing organically by expanding in existing and new markets.

Facts about the investment

Investment year: 2016
Sales 2016: NOK 3,624m
EBITA 2016: NOK 228m