Gryts Bruk

In addition to wholesale businesses, Söderberg & Haak and Lasco, Ratos had two additional operating subsidiaries, Gryts Bruk and Smedjebackens Valsverk.

Gryts Bruk industrial estate was situated in the community of Björnhammaren in Närke, between Norrköping and Örebro. During the 1600s, production of hammered bar iron, manufacturing and nail forging began. The modern Gryts Bruk was established in 1905 under the leadership of Olof Söderberg, who also served as the company’s manager. The factory began machine production of wire nails and other wire products and was most famous for its No. 1 nail. The plant was owned by the Söderberg family and was leased by Söderberg & Haak.

Olof Söderberg’s family spent their summers here and during the darkest days of World War II, some of Ragnar’s family were evacuated here. Gryts Bruk became a subsidiary of Ratos in 1942 and a new plant was inaugurated in 1951. The company expanded its product range with pulled wire and reinforcing products. Söderberg & Haak were responsible for all raw materials purchases and all sales of Gryts products.

Ragnar Söderberg was succeeded by his son Johan as chairman of the board in 1964. Erik and Sven Söderberg have also served on the board.