A sustainable company

During Susanna Campbell's time as CEO, Ratos has also developed its involvement in sustainability issues. For a company that has been active for 150 years, having a long-term perspective on its responsibilities is not only natural, it is essential for all of society and industry to function well. Consequently, Ratos takes active responsibility for the company’s impact on its surroundings and stakeholders. Sustainability efforts are an integral part of active ownership, where execution of the ownership role should combine long-term sustainability with the greatest environmental return.

In October 2013, the company signed the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles regarding human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. At the same time, Ratos signed the United Nation’s Six Principles for Responsible Investment, PRI, which deal with how investors can take environmental, social and corporate governance issues into consideration for large investments.

Ratos’s community involvement also finds expression through long-term cooperation with a number of partners. Many Ratos employees contribute their core competencies within business development and entrepreneurship. Ratos has collaborated, for example, with Mentor Sverige since 2006, and with Inkludera Invest since 2014.

Employees from Ratos work together with Mentor and have, for example, inspired and spoken to students about their own occupations and taught business skills and codes in the business community. Ratos has supported the establishment of Mentor International in the other Nordic countries. In addition to providing financial support to Inkludera Invest, Ratos’s employees have assisted their entrepreneurs by serving as mentors and sounding boards as well as holding workshops on subjects such as corporate governance. Ratos lends its expertise and serves as a discussion partner for Inkludera Invest’s own organisation. Ratos also supports other organisations financially.