More than 150 years of business development and community involvement

Footnote under illustration: Texts excerpted from the book ”En historia om utveckling” written by Anders Johnson. An illustration by Nils-Petter Ekwall.

Everything begins with the desire to create something new. To do business. To develop companies and people. To contribute to the community and thereby build prosperity.

Gustaf Söderberg, the son of a district court judge, decided at the beginning of the 1800s to work in trade and became one of 20 dealers in the town of Åmål. His son, Per Olof (Pelle), became a Nordic dealer of steel products, moved to Stockholm and established the partnership Söderberg & Haak in 1866, which became one of Sweden’s largest steel wholesalers. That is the beginning of the story behind Ratos.

The evolution of Ratos began with the major technological advances that were made during the 19th century and the daring entrepreneurs of that age, and continues through the emerging industrial society to today’s active operational developers. With an early social engagement and broad experience from an ownership role, the Söderberg family has guided Söderberg & Haak and later Ratos through several crises and recastings into today’s modern company. Few Swedish companies have been as integrated into the development of Swedish trade and industry as Söderberg & Haak/Ratos.

The future of Ratos lies in its ability to continue refining its role as a company builder. To focus on development and growth. Ratos invests in medium-large and primarily unlisted companies in the Nordic region that have clear development potential. By capitalising on possibilities and providing ideas, experience, capital and the contacts required to realise their potential, these companies can develop into successful and sustainable companies. Our vision is to be the best in the Nordic region at developing companies.

Ratos strives to contribute to a world where people develop and contribute by transforming companies, industries and society. In a world where climate, the environment and the use of finite resources influences every individual to an ever greater degree, the role of companies in society will change and be increasingly important to drive development forward. Ratos promotes sustainable development in every company in order to generate long-term value, and considers the consequences on people and the environment.

Preparedness, capacity and the desire to change are essential in a world where digitisation and globalisation are driving developments at rates never before seen. People are the ones who generate value in all companies. It is therefore important to build networks and find the right people for various positions and to continue to develop the Ratos spirit of being entrepreneurial, committed and responsible in our daily work.