Speed Group

  • Mats Johnson


Speed Group is a Swedish supplier of logistics and staffing services, with complementary services in recruitment and training. The company’s staffing service offers both blue and white-collar personnel as well as external recruitment of skilled professionals. Logistics services include full-scale warehouse management.


Demand for efficient logistics and production services is steadily increasing in pace with the growth in e-commerce, escalating outsourcing, the centralisation of warehouses in strategic locations and the rising complexity of logistics systems. Customers also have a greater need for flexible solutions requiring specialised and skilled personnel. The market for outsourcing of logistics has grown the past years and is expected to continue to report annual growth of approximately 5–7%.


A healthy and safe work environment is an important strategic issue for Speed Group. The company works systematically to minimise the risk of work-related accidents and to prevent work-related ill health. Motivated, committed and competent employees are a requirement for Speed Group’s success. The company therefore works towards building an organisation characterised by sustainability and equality in order to ensure that Speed Group is perceived as an attractive employer.

Speed Group’s environmental and climate impact are primarily attributable to its energy consumption. Consequently, the company endeavours to be energy efficient and to adapt its properties and operations to make them more environmentally friendly.

Efficiency in customer contracts

Speed Group’s customer-oriented corporate culture and strong market position in automated warehouse solutions entails continued development potential to expand organically, both with existing and new customers. The market for efficient logistics solutions and the need for flexible solutions are still expanding. Samdistribution, a leading logistics partner for book distribution, was acquired during the year, allowing Speed Group to expand its operations into the Stockholm region. Speed Group’s focus is to improve the efficiency of existing contracts and thereby increase profitability for the company.