Speed Group

  • Mats Johnson


Speed Group is a Swedish supplier of logistics and staffing services. The company is one of the Nordic region’s leading third-party logistics (3PL) providers, with effective automation solutions and a total of approximately 200,000 square metres of warehouse space in Borås, Gothenburg and Stockholm. Within staffing, Speed Group offers flexible staffing services of both blue and white-collar personnel. The company also offers additional services in recruitment and education.


Demand for efficient logistics services is steadily increasing in pace with the growth in e-commerce, escalating outsourcing, the centralisation of warehouses in strategic locations and the rising complexity of logistics systems. There is also a major market demand for flexible staffing solutions with specialised and competent personnel.

The year

An important area of focus for Speed Group is to improve the efficiency of existing contracts and thereby increase profitability for the company. Over the past year, the company carried out a restructuring programme to reduce fixed costs and resolve unprofitable customer assignments, which led to savings and improved earnings during the year.


Motivated, committed and competent employees are a requirement for Speed Group’s success. The company therefore endeavours to build a sustainable, equal opportunities organisation and to be perceived as an attractive employer. A healthy and safe work environment is an important strategic issue for Speed Group. The company works systematically to minimise the risk of work-related accidents and to prevent work-related ill health. Speed Group’s environmental and climate impact are primarily attributable to its energy consumption. Being energy efficient and adapting its properties and operations are thus important issues for the company. Speed Group has also chosen to further co-locate its operations in order to reduce internal transport.