• Christer Åberg

    Acting CEO

Plantasjen is the Nordic region’s leading chain for sales of plants and gardening accessories with around 140 stores in Norway, Sweden and Finland and a primary focus on consumers.


The market for plants and gardening accessories has stable growth and underlying positive trends in the form of increased interest in cultivation, gardening and interior design. The Nordic market for plants and accessories is estimated at approximately EUR 3.3 billion, with a steady annual growth rate of around 2-3%. Other major players are Blomsterlandet, Mester Grönn and the consumer goods sector.


Plantasjen’s operations, which focus on sales of plants, are closely linked to the environment and sustainability, since plants improve human well-being and contribute to biodiversity. Plantasjen strives to give people the possibility to improve their quality of life through plants. As an employer, Plantasjen wants to create meaningful and stimulating jobs for people who are passionate about plants. The company’s aim is to integrate sustainability into every part of the business. The focus is on ensuring good social conditions for the people who work with Plantasjen’s products, which also extends to suppliers in risk countries. Another focus area involves minimising the resources used – in terms of both energy and waste – in Plantasjen’s operational activities, primarily in stores.

Potential for increased sales

Plantasjen’s leading market position, strong brand and industry-leading supply chain in a non-cyclical market with stable growth are highly attractive. Ratos anticipates continued potential for increased sales in both current garden centres and new investments in new channels, such as smaller, more centrally located stores. The acquisition of SABA Blommor made Plantasjen a leading supplier of flowers to grocery retailers, thereby generating more opportunities for growth in the future. The company is currently working to sharpen its focus on its range of plants and accessories to meet the increased interest in gardening, cultivation and interior decorating with plants, which we consider to be a successful strategy for continued growth in value.