• Nina Jönsson


Plantasjen is the Nordic region’s leading chain for sales of plants, lowers and related accessories, with more than 140 stores in Norway, Sweden and Finland and a primary focus on consumers.


The market for plants and gardening accessories has stable growth and underlying positive trends in the form of increased interest in cultivation, gardening and interior design. The Nordic market for plants and accessories is estimated at approximately EUR 3.3 billion with a steady annual growth rate of around 2–3%.

The year

Plantasjen enjoys a leading market position and a strong brand in a non-cyclical market with stable growth. During the year, Olav Thorstad assumed the role as CEO of Plantasjen. Olav has extensive operational experience in consumer goods. During the year, Plantasjen’s subsidiary Spira was divested. As of the date of the divestment, Spira had burdened Plantasjen’s EBITA in an amount of SEK –30m over the past 12 months. The sale generated a capital loss of SEK –28m. In the near future, the company will work on improving in-store customer satisfaction and its own e-commerce as well as initiatives to increase profitability.


With its core operations in plants and gardening accessories, Plantasjen endeavours to integrate sustainability issues into its operations. Plants are extremely important to both Plantasjen’s operations and the community in general. Plantasjen’s ambition is that its products will contribute in a positive way to both human well- being and biodiversity. Plantasjen focuses its sustainability agenda on working with social sustainability and auditing stakeholders in the supply chain as well as streamlining operations in Plantasjen’s stores, transportation and offices. For those stores built as greenhouses, there is potential to optimise energy consumption. A prerequisite for Plantasjen’s success in the long term is that the company conducts itself as a good employer that attracts, develops and retains talented employees.