Oase Outdoors

  • Henrik Arens


Oase Outdoors develops, designs and sells innovative camping and outdoor equipment under three strong brands, namely Outwell ®, Easy Camp® and Robens®. Oase Outdoors offers a broad product range mainly comprising tents, camping furniture, sleeping bags and other outdoor equipment. The three independent brands clearly cater to different target groups – for example, families, beginners, festival goers and experienced adventurers – who have different requirements in terms of quality and price, and who want to enjoy the outdoors with high-quality equipment.


The camping equipment and outdoor products market is attractive, stable and growing with many latent growth trends. New products and material technologies as well as consumers’ increasing desire for close-to-nature experiences and outdoor recreation are a few of the trends fuelling demand for high-quality, user-friendly equipment.

The year

Oase Outdoors enjoys a strong market position and a reputable brand for camping tents in Europe. During the year, Oase Outdoor was negatively impacted by costs to address quality problems, which have now been fully addressed and resolved, but had an adverse impact on profit for the year. Going forward, the company will focus on developing its core products in order to drive organic growth through favourable profitability. In January 2020, the Outwell brand won “The owner satisfaction Award in Best Mainstream Tents” from the Camping and Caravanning Club.


Given that Oase Outdoors operates in elevated-risk markets, preventive anti-corruption and social compliance initiatives are key sustainability issues. Oase Outdoors has implemented an anti-corruption policy and is expanding its work on business environment and social compliance initiatives and extending its due diligence processes relating to the company’s business partners. Corporate culture and engagement are also prioritised, making employee satisfaction a pivotal sustainability issue that is measured through targeted employee satisfaction surveys.