• Petteri Saarinen


LEDiL designs, develops and sells secondary optics for LED lighting globally. Secondary optics process light from the LED to achieve the lamp’s optimal function, with the highest energy efficiency possible. Development and design are carried out in Salo, Finland. Products are sold worldwide through the company’s own sales force, agents and distributors. Most production is performed by subcontractors in Finland, China and the US. The company’s products are used in commercial applications such as street lighting, stores and offices.


LEDiL’s market is driven in part by the general lighting market and LED market penetration. Almost all contemporary LED lighting has some form of secondary optics or reflector. Underlying growth in lighting is driven by a rising population and continued urbanisation. LED technology has revolutionised the lighting market through light quality, design flexibility, lower energy consumption, environmental friendliness and superior operating life.

The year

LEDiL experienced weaker growth and profitability than expected during the year. This was the result of somewhat weaker growth in the market, in particular in Europe, but also a decrease in internal efficiency. Petteri Saarinen was recruited as the new CEO during the year and assumed the role in December. Petteri is a proven leader and has managed companies through changes and towards profitability and growth.


Enhancing the efficiency and performance of LED lighting and thereby further reducing its climate impact, is a top priority in LEDiL’s operations. The company’s optical solutions help provide light that enhances the well-being and safety of people as well as results in lower energy consumption. From LEDiL’s perspective, sustainability entails responsible operations throughout the supply chain. The entire organisation and the company’s subcontractors apply the company’s Code of Conduct and related policies, thereby laying the foundation for LEDiL’s sustainable performance.