• Jyri Järvinen


LEDiL develops and sells secondary optics (plastic lenses which through design and material properties focus light from a source) for LED lighting. The company has proprietary products sold globally through its own sales force as well as through agents and distributors with an emphasis on Europe, North America and Asia. Production is carried out by subcontractors in primarily Finland and China. The products are found exclusively in commercial applications, such as retail stores, offices and street lighting.


The global lighting market has annual sales of approximately SEK 850 billion, with LED market penetration amounting to approximately 20-25%. Underlying growth is driven by the rising population, urbanisation and an increased use of lighting. LED technology has revolutionised the lighting market through light quality, design flexibility, lower energy consumption, environmental friendliness and superior operating life. LEDiL’s primary competitors are manufacturers of specially designed plastic components, such as LedLink, Bicom, Gaggione and Carclo.


From LEDiL’s perspective, sustainability entails responsible operations throughout the supply chain. The entire organisation and the company’s subcontractors apply the company’s Code of Conduct and related policies, thereby laying the foundation for LEDiL’s sustainable performance. Enhancing the efficiency and performance of LED lighting, and thereby further reducing the climate impact of lighting, is top priority for LEDiL. The company’s optical solutions help provide light that enhances the well-being of people (through solutions designed for street lighting and evacuation routes) and results in lower energy consumption in gardening centres.

Global expansion and organic growth

LEDiL is a fast-growing, profitable and innovation-focused company that has built up a strong market position within its niche. The company’s opportunities for continued organic growth within several product areas and markets, combined with the underlying rising demand for energyefficient, environmentally friendly and high-quality LED lighting, will be growth drivers in the years ahead. Investments are made in establishments in new markets and reinforcements in the organisation, such as in product development and sales.