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  • Torbjörn Wik


Kvdbil is Sweden’s largest independent online marketplace offering valuation and broker services for second-hand vehicles as well as sales of related products and services. Every week more than 500 second-hand cars are sold on online auctions through Kvdbil is an independent broker who handles the entire transaction from client order to end customer as well as guaranteeing the quality of the brokered item. Sweden’s leading car valuation company, and Kvdpro who offers Machines & Heavy Vehicles is also part of the KVD Group.


The market for company cars is stable where car dealers comprise the largest competing channel for sales to end customers. KVD has a market share of approximately 10% in the segment for sales of second-hand company cars in Sweden and is therefore the market leader. Kvdbil also brokers cars owned by private individuals and has thus more than doubled the potential market in Sweden. Competitors in brokerage of private cars are primarily traditional car dealers and private sales to another private individual via digital advertising. Within heavy vehicles, Kvdpro’s current market share is approximately 7%.


Kvdbil’s role is to transparently bring together serious buyers and sellers. Kvdbils’s service adds value in the form of testing, secure transactions, time savings and, not least, in helping both parties to make a good deal where second-hand vehicles are bought and sold at present-day market prices. Kvdbil owns no vehicles, but instead brokers those owned by others, which requires handling other people’s property respectfully and correctly. Subsequently, business ethics is a given top-priority sustainability issue for Kvdbil.

Digital growth initiatives

Kvdbil has a highly competitive business model in which we foremost see vast potential for growth within privately owned cars because the market share is small and there is consumer demand for this service. Focus will also be on developing strategic partnerships, automating processes, designing a better IT platform and adding new add-on services.