• Lars Nykvist


Kvdbil is Sweden’s largest independent online marketplace offering valuation and broker services for second-hand vehicles (company cars and private cars) as well as sales of related products and services. Every week more than 500 secondhand cars are sold on online auctions through kvdbil.se. Kvdbil is an independent broker that handles the entire transaction from client order to end customer and guarantees the quality of the brokered item through testing. Sweden’s leading car valuation company, bilpriser.se, and machines and heavy vehicles broker Kvdpro are also part of the Kvdbil Group.


The market for company cars is stable, with car dealers comprising the largest competing channel for sales to end customers. Kvdbil’s market share is approximately 10% in Sweden, with strong growth in the private cars segment. Competitors in brokerage of private cars are primarily traditional car dealers and private sales to another private individual.


By offering an effective, independent and well-functioning marketplace for both a second-hand and third-hand market for second-hand cars, Kvdbil contributes to more efficient use of resources and sustainable societal development. Kvdbil’s growth ambitions are based on creating satisfied return customers through its transparent and reliable selling process and by offering new and existing employees an attractive work environment. Customers’ willingness to recommend Kvdbil and employee satisfaction are thus key factors for the company’s development. Kvdbil endeavours to reduce its operations’ environmental impact in the form of greenhouse gas emissions and its target is to achieve a 20% reduction from the 2016 level by 2020.

Market initiatives and streamlining

Kvdbil has a highly competitive business model with vast potential for growth, primarily within privately owned cars, where the market share is small and there is a demand for this service from both private buyers and sellers. Developing strategic partnerships, automating processes, adding new add-on services and streamlining the operations are other focus areas. During the year, a new IT platform was launched aimed at improving the customer experience.