• Lars Nykvist


The KVD Group is Sweden’s largest online marketplace offering valuation and broker services for second-hand vehicles (company cars and private cars), machines and heavy vehicles as well as sales of related products and services. The KVD Group is made up of Kvdbil, an independent marketplace for second-hand cars; the car valuation companies Bilpriser and Smart 365; and Kvdpro, which brokers machines and heavy vehicles. Every week more than 500 second-hand cars are sold on kvdbil.se. Kvdbil handles the entire transaction from client order to end customer and guarantees the quality of the brokered car by means of testing.


The market for sales of second-hand cars is stable. Kvdbil’s market share is approximately 10% in Sweden, with strong growth in the private cars segment. When it comes to the brokerage of private cars, the company’s main competitors are traditional car dealers and private sales to other private individuals.

The year

Kvdbil has further developed its offering to the consumer market, thereby increasing its market share in the consumer segment. Kvdbil’s value-creating initiatives in the consumer market over the year included the launch of car purchases directly on the website and a private car rental service. Together, these initiatives resulted in higher volumes and income during the year.


By offering an effective, independent and well-functioning marketplace for the second-hand and thirdhand market, Kvdbil contributes to more efficient use of resources and sustainable societal development. Kvdbil aims to have satisfied return customers and offers new and existing employees an attractive work environment. Customers’ willingness to recommend Kvdbil and employee satisfaction are thus key factors for the Group’s development. Over the past year, Kvdbil began an initiative with the aim of taking a leading position in reducing the climate impact of the Swedish vehicle fleet by calculating the optimal life cycle for cars and spreading this knowledge.

In early 2020, Kvdbil decided to stop exporting green vehicles in order to accelerate the adjustment of the Swedish vehicle fleet.