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  • Jan Jahren


HENT is a leading construction company that mainly focuses on new construction of public and commercial real estate. HENT focuses on project development, project management and purchasing. To a large extent, the projects are carried out by a broad network of quality assured subcontractors. HENT conducts projects throughout Norway and has recently expanded into Sweden. In 2016, HENT also established property-development operations that focus on housing projects in Norway.


The total construction market in Norway amounts to approximately NOK 300 billion of which newbuild public and commercial real estate accounts for approximately NOK 50-60 billion. The newbuild market is cyclical, but has historically shown good structural growth. Since the start of the 2000s, annual Norwegian market growth has been approximately 5%. The Norwegian construction market is highly fragmented. HENT is one of the leading players and competes with Veidekke, Skanska, AF-Gruppen, NCC and Peab.


HENT’s most important sustainability issues include labour law (focusing on conditions for subcontractors), health, work environment, safety and business ethics. All of these issues are related to HENT’s strategy and managing them is central to the company’s commercial success.

Long-term growth initiative

HENT delivers high project delivery quality and a flexible cost structure, which allows matching of costs to demand and managing fluctuations in the cyclical construction market. HENT has seen rapid expansion in recent years with stable profitability and has continuously strengthened its market position. In 2016, the company expanded into Sweden and started up property development operations. The aim is for these initiatives to strengthen HENT in the long term. Together with the company’s management we aim to further develop the company and create opportunities for continued organic growth.