• Jan Jahren


HENT is a leading construction company that mainly focuses on new construction of public and commercial real estate. HENT focuses on project development, project management and purchasing. To a large extent, its projects are carried out by a broad network of quality-assured subcontractors. HENT conducts projects throughout Norway and has over the past years expanded within selected segments into Sweden and Denmark.


The total construction market in Norway amounts to approximately NOK 310 billion of which newbuild public and commercial real estate accounts for approximately NOK 50–60 billion. The newbuild market is cyclical but has historically shown good structural growth. The Norwegian construction market is highly fragmented and HENT is one of the leading players in the market.


HENT’s most important asset – and its most important sustainability consideration – is its people. The company therefore focuses on issues such as health and safety, working conditions, and employee satisfaction and development opportunities. Being a contributor to ethical business in its industry is also a key priority and goal for HENT. Prequalification of subcontractors, procedures for quality management and on-site inspections are some of the means used to achieve this goal. By reducing its environmental footprint in production, the company aims to limit its impact while at the same time leveraging business opportunities by producing sustainable buildings.

Long-term growth initiative

HENT’s business model is built on a comprehensive tender process in which estimates and procurement are weight-bearing components. The company focuses on negotiated contracts and partnership contracts within selected segments. HENT’s operations have grown substantially under Ratos’s ownership and it now imperative to strengthen the platform in order to improve risk management and increase efficiency.