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Gudrun Sjödén Group

  • Best international growth 2017

  • Gudrun Sjödén


Gudrun Sjödén Group is an international design company with a unique, colourful style and a strong emphasis on sustainability. The Gudrun Sjödén brand is sold and marketed globally through its own stores in seven countries, a global webshop and mail order service. Online sales represent the company’s largest distribution channel and account for about 55% of sales. Customers are reached through the international online sales channels in more than 50 countries, and through its own stores. Germany, the Nordic countries and the US are the largest markets.


The market for Gudrun Sjödén’s designer apparel and homeware products is growing as demand for enduring models, high quality and sustainable materials increases. The company’s customers are value-oriented, ageless and well-educated academics in social and artistic professions. The clothes have a unique design that women worldwide appreciate and that has few actual competitors.


Sustainability is an integrated part of the corporate culture at Gudrun Sjödén Group and this mindset is also evident in the company’s slogan, ”Swedish design with a green soul”. Supplier follow-up is one of the most important sustainability issues. The company also introduced a Code of Conduct in 2001 and has worked with the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) to conduct regular audits of its suppliers since 2007.

Focus on global expansion and growth

Gudrun Sjödén Group has a strong brand founded on a unique, timeless design. The company has an impressive history of excellent growth and profitability based on an international expansion in Europe and the US that is primarily driven by e-commerce. However, because the company still has a relatively low market share outside Sweden, its potential to grow is great. In partnership with the company, a clear business plan has been established that will allow the company to grow globally and further develop its operations.