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  • Lennart Hagelqvist


Diab is a global company that develops, manufactures and sells core materials for sandwich composite structures used in, among other objects, leisure boats, wind turbine blades and components for aircraft, trains, industrial applications and buildings. The core materials have a unique combination of characteristics such as low weight, high strength, insulation properties and chemical resistance.

The company has production units for material in Sweden, Italy, the US, China and Ecuador. Material processing takes place in the production units as well as in China and Lithuania.


The market for core material grows with the underlying customers’ production volumes, such as the number of wind turbines and boats, and through the increased use of sandwich structures in existing and new applications. Growth is driven by efforts to achieve structures with greater strength and lower weight. 3A Composites and Gurit are among Diab’s competitors.


Diab’s key sustainability issue is to, through its products, contribute favourably to a climate-neutral world by facilitating growth in renewable energy (wind) and reducing fuel consumption and climate footprints as the result of lower weight (marine and transport) as well as reducing its own environmental footprint in production. Because the company operates in markets that have an elevated risk, preventative anti-corruption initiatives and export control are key issues for the company.

Growth potential and profitability improvements

Diab has an attractive long-term growth profile driven by the need for strong and light structures, a sustainability perspective and good prospects for growth in applications. Consequently, there are good long-term opportunities for growth and improved profitability. The establishment of the new core material production plant in China contributes to lower overheads and meets the need for greater volumes.