• Magnus Silfverberg


Bisnode’s core business is to support corporate decision processes in terms of credit, business and marketing information through the use of data-driven products, making it easier for customers to make smart decisions. Bisnode uses local and global data of the highest quality from more than 550 data sources. Abstract data is analysed and interpreted into relevant material for business decisions. Bisnode operates in 18 European countries, and supplies local and global quality data to companies, government agencies, organisations and municipalities through its strategic partner Dun & Bradstreet.


The European data and analysis market is growing in both B2B and B2C. The total European market is estimated to be around USD 7 billion. It is expected to continue to grow as digitisation, globalisation and new technologies facilitate faster and more cost-effective processing of large volumes of data.


Business ethics and integrity protection are Bisnode’s most important sustainability issues. In addition, customers have gradually increased their focus on environmental and climate issues, prompting Bisnode to limit its environmental impact. The company’s services are primarily produced and distributed digitally, contributing to reduced paper and electricity consumption. Bisnode is dedicated to increasing the proportion of women in the company, particularly in executive positions.

Digital transformation and growth potential

Bisnode has significant potential to continue to develop its business model based on the company’s local expertise and global resources within a growing market information segment. Going forward, one priority is to pursue the ongoing digital transformation. A focus on creating economies of scale and synergies in what has evolved out of a decentralised structure and high rate of growth historically remains a priority. Moreover, the company has strategic initiatives that strengthen the organisation, develop the offering and expand operations in order to boost competitiveness and gain market shares.