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Number of A and B shares in Ratos
Correction of Ratos's press release 23 December 2010 in respect of the public offer regarding Biolin Scientific
Ratos completes offer to shareholders and convertible debenture holders in Biolin Scientific
Ratos sells Superfos
Ratos announces offer document
Ratos acquires KVD Kvarndammen
Ratos announces a recommended cash offer of SEK 11.50 per share and per convertible debenture in Biolin Scientific
Ratos sells holding in Camfil
Ratos sells half of its holding in Lindab - exit gain approx. SEK 540m
Interim report January-September 2010
Telephone conference in connection with Interim Report
Bulletin from Extraordinary General Meeting 6 October
Ratos Nomination Committee and 2011 AGM
Number of A and B shares in Ratos
Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders in Ratos
Ratos to release c. SEK 400m by refinancing holding in HL Display
Ratos owns 99.3% of the capital and 99.7% of the votes in HL Display after the extended acceptance period
Interim report January-June 2010
Ratos has acquired over 90% of the capital and votes in HL Display
Telephone conference in connection with Interim Report
AH Industries acquires RM Group
Change in number of votes and shares
All conditions in Ratos offer to the shareholders of HL Display have been fulfilled
Aage Snorgaard appointed new CEO of Contex Group
Ratos sells Haglöfs to Asics - exit gain approx. SEK 765m
Ratos to acquire Stofa from TeliaSonera
Ratos makes supplement to offer document public
Ratos makes offer document public
Decision to carry out non-cash issue
Ratos acquires Remius family’s shares in HL Display and announces a public offer to all other shareholders
New appointments at Ratos
Interim Report January - March 2010
Telephone conference in connection with Interim Report
Annual General Meeting 2010
Ratos's Annual Report in Swedish now released
Notice of AGM 15 April 2010
Year-End Report 2009
Telephone conference 18 February in connection with Year-End Report 2009
Leif Johansson new deputy CEO of Ratos