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Bisnode's SPAR agreement extended
Arcus acquires strategic brands
Ole Kjörrefjord appointed new CEO of EuroMaint
Bisnode to acquire WLW
Ratos increases its holding in MCC to 100%
Margareth Øvrum proposed as new Board member
Jonas Arvidsson new CEO of BTJ
Interim Report January-September 2008
EuroMaint signs declaration of intent with Husqvarna
Telephone conference 7 November in connection with Interim Report
EuroMaint wins order from SJ
Ratos Nomination Committee and 2009 AGM
Ratos releases SEK 473m by refinancing GS-Hydro
MCC makes strategic acquisition
Håkan Jeppsson new CEO of Inwido
Interim report January - June 2008
Ratos to release Interim Report on 22 August
Management change at Ratos
Ratos to sell Hägglunds Drives - exit gain SEK 4,400m
Contex to acquire American company
Atle Industri to sell Nordhydraulic
Atle Industri sells Moving
Johan Wall new CEO of Bisnode
Interim report January - March 2008
Ratos to release Interim Report on 8 May
Hägglunds Drives to acquire Rineer Hydraulics
Number of A and B shares in Ratos
Ratos receives SEK 149m dividend from Arcus
Annual General Meeting
Ratos's refinancing of Camfil - releases SEK 450m
Ratos's Annual Report in Swedish now released
AGM 9 April 2008
EuroMaint wins record order
Medifiq Healthcare acquires Medisize Medical
Year-End Report 2007
Ratos to release Year-End Report on 21 February
Refinancing of Bisnode releases SEK 605m to Ratos
Lars Save resigns as CEO of Bisnode