Haglöfs sells Alfa Skofabrik


Haglöfs is to sell its Norwegian subsidiary Alfa Skofabrik to the Møller family's private equity company Katalysator. After this acquisition, Haglöfs will focus solely on its own brand.
The sale of Alfa Skofabrik will release Haglöfs' resources for its export focus. Haglöfs will continue to co-operate with Alfa in develop work on Haglöfs' own footwear range. Alfa's new owner, Katalysator, has at the same time expressed its wish to further develop the Alfa brand, primarily in the Norwegian market.
The sale will generate a capital loss of approximately SEK 13m. The sale will have a marginally positive impact on Haglöfs' current earnings.
The sale is subject to approval from the Norwegian competition authorities.
For further information, please contact:
Stig Karlsson, Senior Investment Manager Ratos, +46 706 41 13 45
Anna-Karin Celsing, Head of Corporate Communications Ratos, +46 703 99 62 39