Haendig concentrates its operations


Haendig sells market-leading HDF Gyttorp Jakt to the Gyll family company Förvaltnings AB Segersta.
Haendig started to concentrate its operations during the past year. HDF Gyttorp Jakt is not part of Haendig's core business. As a result of today's deal, HDF Gyttorp Jakt will instead belong to a more focused industrial environment.
Haendig's CEO Thomas Holmgren comments: "Haendig is concentrating its operations as a supplier of strong brands to the DIY sector in the Nordic region. It is therefore a natural step for Segersta to acquire HDF Gyttorp Jakt via a company. The Gyll family has a genuine interest in the industry as a whole and already owns the Nordic region's only manufacturer of ammunition for shooting and hunting - Gyttorp Cartridge."
HDF Gyttorp Jakt has annual sales of approximately SEK 77m with good profitability. Haendig's company HADAB will continue, via a third-party solution, to administer HDF Gyttorp Jakt's accounts, logistics and IT.
Haendig is an active owner of small and medium-sized wholesalers with a focus on the DIY market and the professional sector in the Nordic region. The Group includes the subsidiaries HDF-Bolagen, Hafa, Westerbergs Badrum, Duri, Lundbergs Produkter and Sven Svenssons. Haendig had sales of approximately SEK 1,290m in 2005 and posted a pre-tax profit of SEK 32m.
The acquisition of HDF Gyttorp Jakt will be made via Segersta's subsidiary Segy AB. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price. The takeover is expected to take place on 1 November.
Robert Gyll, CEO Förvaltnings AB Segersta, comments: "With this acquisition Segersta will gain control of the strong Gyttorp brand. Gyttorp represents tradition and quality. Our intention is to be a driving force in the hunting and shooting market and we see this acquisition as a means of further strengthening relationships with the market, hunting and shooting organisations and all the company's customers."
For further information, please contact:
Anna-Karin Celsing, Head of Corporate Communications Ratos, +46 703 996 239
Stig Karlsson, Senior Investment Manager Ratos, +46 70 641 13 45
Thomas Holmgren, CEO Haendig, +46 705 736 700