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Ratos acquires RH Form and RBM of Denmark
Inwido makes Norwegian acquisitions
Ratos to sell Alimak Hek - exit gain SEK 735m
Ratos owns 22.5% of Lindab
Arcus Gruppen concentrates operations
Lindab shares start trading today
Haendig sells HDF-Bolagen
Lindab IPO
Interim Report January - September 2006
Lindab prepares for an IPO
Ratos to release Interim Report on 10 November
Haendig concentrates its operations
Refinancing of Hägglunds Drives releases SEK 1 billion
Atle Industri sells Ekman holding
Jøtul acquires Polish business partner
Ratos Nomination Committee and 2007 AGM
Arcus acquires Swedish Vingruppen
Ratos sells Gadelius
Lindab to acquire UK Ventilation firm
Export prize for Hägglunds Drives
Interim Report January - June 2006
Ratos to release Interim Report on 24 August
Haendig to sell operations in Finland
Ratos's investment in Perlos Healthcare proceeds
Atle Industri sells Pressmaster
Ratos enters Memorandum of Understanding to acquire Perlos Healthcare
Inwido enters Poland
Alimak Hek acquires rental business in Australia
Overseas Telecom sells holding in MTN Uganda
New President and CEO for the GS-Hydro Group
Haendig property sales release SEK 75 million
New CEO named for Arcus
New CEO named for Superfos
Inwido growing in Finland
Ratos new main owner of Jøtul
Ratos subsidiary GS-Hydro acquire Seth Service AS in Norway
Ratos: Camfil Farr expands
Atle Industri sells Elpress
Split and redemption carried out
Interim Report January-March 2006
Ratos to release Interim Report on 11 May
Management change at Arcus
Last day of trading in Ratos shares prior to split and redemption
Atle Industri sells Tempcold
AGM 4 April 2006
Inwido makes more acquisitions
Ratos's Annual Report in Swedish now released
Notice of AGM 4 April 2006
Proposed distribution to shareholders of SEK 1,500 million
Year-End Report 2005
Ratos to release year-end report 2005 23 February
Ratos to release SEK 577 million by refinancing Lindab
Management change at Superfos
Alimak Hek acquires US- based business