Co-operation agreement in Norway


Ratos has established a solid platform in the Norwegian market over the past two years. In fact, during the first half of 2005 the deal flow in Norway was even larger than in Sweden. Ratos has made three investments in Norway since 1999 - Dynal Biotech, Bluegarden and most recently Arcus Gruppen. Dynal has also been divested with a good exit gain. In order to further strengthen the focus on Norway, Ratos has now signed a co-operation agreement with the lawyer Henning Øglænd, law firm DLA Nordic.
Henning Øglænd will function as Ratos's representative in Norway and through his extensive network will continue the work of identifying investments, add-on investments and exit opportunities in Norway on behalf of Ratos. Henning Øglænd, who is already on the boards of two Ratos holdings, will also advise Ratos with regard to suitable Norwegian directors for the portfolio companies.
Ratos CEO Arne Karlsson comments: "Norway is an extremely exciting private equity market that is highly suitable for a company with Ratos's profile. In recent years we have had an extensive deal flow from Norway, largely thanks to Henning Øglænd. It is gratifying to now be able to formalise this co-operation with Henning, who has a fantastic network of contacts within Norwegian society and business community."
As previously, Henning Øglænd will co-operate with Ratos's investment managers in the individual projects and holdings. Ratos will not have any employees in Norway.
In parallel with continued development work in Norway, Ratos will initiate a similar systematic build-up of its presence in Denmark and Finland.
Arne Karlsson continues: "As in Norway, this work will take two to three years to complete but subsequently we will seriously be able to meet our goal of having the Nordic region as our home market."
Ratos's representative office in Oslo will be in DLA Nordic's offices at Olav Vs gate 4, Oslo.
For further information please contact
Arne Karlsson, CEO Ratos, +46 8 700 17 00
Henning Øglænd, +47 419 16 621