Follow-on investments totalling SEK 310 million


Today, Ratos concluded an agreement for acquisition of 3i's shares in Arcorus, Gadelius and Haendig. In total, these acquisitions represent an investment for Ratos of approximately SEK 250m. In addition, Ratos is acquiring 27% in Haendig from Gaia, the investment company controlled by Knut Kloster, for SEK 58m. As a result of these acquisitions, Arcorus, Gadelius and Haendig will become wholly owned subsidiaries of Ratos.
All three companies affected by today's deal came into Ratos's and 3i's joint ownership in conjunction with the buy-out of Atle from the stock market almost three years ago. This joint ownership has worked well in the three companies, but Ratos and 3i have now decided to streamline the ownership structure in order to simplify the work of active ownership. Ratos, which already today is the largest owner in two of these three companies, therefore acquires 3i's shares in these companies.
"Follow-on investments in our portfolio companies are among the best investments we can make," says Ratos CEO Arne Karlsson. "We have already developed in-depth knowledge here in both the sector and the specific company. Furthermore we have already built up relationships and drawn up plans for the years ahead."
The SEK 250m follow-on investment for 3i's shares has the following breakdown for Ratos: SEK 135m for the remaining 23% in Arcorus, approximately SEK 65m for the remaining 50% in Gadelius and SEK 50m for an additional 24% in Haendig (in addition Gaia's 27% share in Haendig is acquired for SEK 58m).
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