Giga sells operations to Martinsson


Ratos's two associated companies Giga Consulting and Martinsson Informationssystem have concluded an agreement under which Martinsson will take over Giga's operations within the areas Windows infrastructure and Project management. This transfer of operations affects some 25 employees.
Giga Consulting, which at year-end 2002 had a book value in Ratos of SEK 1m, will no longer be reported as a Ratos holding once today's deal has been implemented. The book value of Martinsson Informationssystem will not be affected by the transfer. The deal is only expected to have a marginal impact on Ratos's results.
For additional information, please contact
Anna-Karin Celsing,
Head of Corporate Communications Ratos,
+46 8 700 17 49
Lars Pettersson,
CEO Martinsson Informationssystem,
+46 70 517 28 02