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The offer for Atle - certain conditions satisfied by decisions at Atle's AGM


Ratos AB and 3i Group plc announced, through their jointly owned company Woodrose Invest AB, a public offer to shareholders in Atle AB on 19th February 2001.

The following resolutions regarding the offer were passed at Atle's Annual General Meeting held today

  •  to distribute Atle's interest in Studsvik AB, with record date on 24th April,

  •  a cash dividend of SEK 6 per Atle share was established and

  •  to adopt revised articles of association for Atle, which do not contain any voting restrictions.

    Remaining conditions for the offer are the customary condition regarding a minimum of 90 per cent acceptance, a force majeure clause and that the transfer of Atle's shares in Studsvik is duly completed in accordance with the decisions taken at Atle's AGM.

    The acceptance period for the offer regarding SEK 147 in cash per share (after a deduction for a dividend of SEK 6 per Atle share) continues until Tuesday 24th April 2001. If the remaining conditions are satisfied, then settlement date for the offer is expected to take place on or about 3rd May 2001.

    For further information regarding the offer, please contact ArosMaizels,
    phone + 46 8 407 92 20.

    Woodrose Invest AB

    Stockholm 19th April 2001