Lindab Intressenter over 90% in Lindab


  •  All conditions for the offer fullfilled
  •  Acceptance period extended through 1 August, 2001

    Shareholders in Lindab AB (publ) ("Lindab") representing 97,5 per cent of the capital and 98,8 per cent of the voting rights have now accepted the offer from Lindab Intressenter.

    The conditions of the offer have been fulfilled. Settlement is expected to be effective on 9 July, 2001. In this connection, Lindab Intressenter will request mandatory redemption of the remaining shares in Lindab and urge the Board of Directors of Lindab to request a delisting of Lindab's shares from Stockholmsbörsen and the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.

    The acceptance period is extended through 1 August, 2001. Settlement for shareholders who submit their shares during the extended acceptance period is expected to be 8 August, 2001.

    Lindab Intressenter may also purchase shares in the market.

    For further information:
    Arne Karlsson, CEO of Ratos, telephone +46 8-700 17 00
    Urmas Kruusval, the Sixth Swedish National Pension Fund,
    telephone +46 31-741 10 40
    Per Johan Björnstedt, Skandia, telephone +46 8-788 10 00