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Superfos sells its head office - capital gain DKK 80M


The Danish company, Superfos, of which Ratos owns one-third, sells its head office to the listed Danish real estate company, Jeudan.
The property is located in Vedbaek just north of Copenhagen and has a total lettable area of approximately 18,000 square metres. The price for the property amounts to DKK 200M. As a result, Superfos makes a capital gain of approximately DKK 80M. The sale is being made to make Superfos' use of capital more efficient and as a result create values for the company's owners.

Concentrated operations
It was in November 1999 that Ratos and Industri Kapital acquired the previously- listed conglomerate, Superfos. The Group's American construction company was divested in connection with the acquisition.

The next step in the concentration of Superfos was made in February 2000 when Business Area Chemicals was sold to Holland Chemicals International.

Following these two steps, Superfos consists of the two Business Areas: Packaging, with annual sales of approximately DKK 2 billion, and Aerosol, with sales of around DKK 500M.

Packaging and Aerosol reported a combined operating profit of more than DKK 200M in 1999.