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Services in The open UMTS network to be launched in 2001


The consortium formed by Ratos, Teracom and Nomura has now submitted a UMTS application to the Swedish National Post and Telecom Agency, PTS. The consortium's plan ensures the rapid roll-out of an open and neutral UMTS network. The launch of UMTS services in the network will start in 2001. According to the plan, the network will cover 99.98% of the Swedish population by 2003. The consortium's investment in its network is estimated at SEK 10 billion.
The network will be available to all service providers interested in buying network capacity. In thinly populated areas, the consortium's network capacity will also be made available to other mobile operators in order to limit the environmental impact as much as possible. Use of existing infrastructure for more than half of the sites required, including Teracom's network of high masts, will also help reduce environmental impact.

"Our vision is to become the leading independent and open network operator in Sweden, thereby strengthening Sweden's position as the leading innovative nation within mobile technology and services," say the consortium's members in a joint statement.

In line with the consortium's business concept, several service providers will be offered capacity on the UMTS network. The consortium has already signed declarations of intent with MCI WorldCom, RSL COM, Glocalnet, Internet 5 and

In order to ensure the neutrality and openness of the network, the consortium's present members, Ratos, Nomura and Teracom, will retain the majority of the equity in the company, with Teracom holding a minority share of less than 20%. A share of the equity has been reserved for those service providers who would also like to become partners. So far, Glocalnet has expressed interest in a partnership.

The consortium also has plans to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in the mobile environment. If the UMTS licence application is granted, the consortium will participate in the formation of a new mutual fund. The intention is to stimulate the development of new, creative UMTS services.

A full summary of the UMTS application is available on the companies websites at and

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