The AGM resolved on a dividend for the 2019 financial year of SEK 0 (0.50) per Class A and Class B share.

Dividend per Class A and B share, SEK00.502.002.003.25
Dividend, SEKm1)01606387231,111
Dividend yield, Class B share, %

1) Refers to dividends on ordinary shares. Including preference shares 2015-2017.

Dividend per ordinary share (A and B share), SEK SEK
2015 3.25
2016 2.00
2017 2.00
2018 0.50
2019 0


Dividend policy

The Ratos share should be characterized by steadily increasing dividends over time linked to an increasing profit and a stable financial position. The Board of Directors makes the assessment that with a dividend share of 30–50 percentage of profit after tax attributable to the parent company's owners, these conditions are safeguarded.