Data per share*

As of 31 March 2020, the total number of shares in Ratos amounts to 324,140,896 (of which 84,637,060 A shares and 239,503,836 B shares) and the number of votes to 108,587,444. As per 31 March 2020 the number of outstanding ordinary shares are 319,014,634.

Dividend per Class A and B share, SEK00.502.002.003.25
Equity per share, 31 December SEK1)2927303136
Closing market price, B share, SEK33.4223.2835.8443.1448.83
Market price/equity, %11585118139135
Dividend yield, Class B share, %
Total return, Class B share, %46-30-13-6+9
P/E ratio15.8neg.49.9neg.37.9
Highest/Lowest price paid, Class B share, SEK36.36/18.138.58/21.9248.7/35.152.6/35.965/44.40
Number of shareholders52,07057,90959,50066,00061,500
Average number of shares, millions319319319319319
Number of shares outstanding, millions319319319320320

Relevant historical figures are recalculated taking the 2011 share split into account (relates to ordinary shares).

* Relates to Class B shares unless specified otherwise.

1) Equity attributable to owners of the parent divided by the number of outstanding ordinary shares at the end of the period.