Share 2018-12-14 17:29 RATOS B 24.30 SEK

Data per share*

As of 30 September 2018, the total number of shares in Ratos amounts to 324,140,896 (of which 84,637,060 A shares and 239,503,836 B shares) and the number of votes to 108,587,444. As per 30 September 2018 the number of outstanding ordinary shares are 319,014,634.

Dividend per Class A and B share, SEK2.
Equity, SEK1)3031363938
Closing market price, B share, SEK35.8443.1448.8347.0758.15
Market price/equity, %118139135121153
Dividend yield, Class B share, %
Total return, Class B share, %-13-6+9-15-2
P/E ratio49.9neg.37.914.627.3
Highest/Lowest price paid, Class B share, SEK48.7/35.152.6/35.965/44.4067.45/43.2170/50.75
Number of shareholders59,50066,00061,50058,50057,000
Average number of shares, millions319319319319319
Number of shares outstanding, millions319320320320320

Relevant historical figures are recalculated taking the 2011 share split into account (relates to ordinary shares).

* Relates to Class B shares unless specified otherwise.
1) Equity attributable to owners of the parent divided by the number of outstanding ordinary shares at the end of the period. The comparative periods have been adjusted for outstanding preference captial. All preference shares had been redeemed by year-end 2017.