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Interim report January-September 2016

Development in company portfolio

  • Sales growth of +9%, adjusted for the size of Ratos’s holding, net sales amounted to SEK 17,981m (16,511)
  • Adjusted EBITA development of -4%, adjusted for the size of Ratos’s holding, mainly due to weak performance of GS-Hydro. The portfolio’s adjusted EBITA amounted to SEK 1,100m (1,145)
  • EBITA development of -15%, adjusted for the size of Ratos’s holding. The portfolio’s EBITA amounted to SEK 894 Mkr (1,050)

Acquisitions and divestments

  • The acquisitions of Serena Properties, airteam, Oase Outdoors and Gudrun Sjödén Group were completed
  • Agreement to acquire Plantagen, the Nordic region’s leading retail chain for plants and gardening accessories

Events after the end of the period

  • Divestment of Euromaint agreed in October – no exit gain
  • Preparing Arcus for an IPO

Financial information

  • The impairment of book values in Aibel, AH Industries, Biolin Scientific, Euromaint and Jøtul amounted to SEK 1.7 billion, attributable to the owners of the parent, of which SEK 1.1 billion is attributable to Aibel
  • Profit/share of profits from companies amounted to SEK 332m (611), a decline attributable to a weak earnings trend in the companies and a changed company portfolio
  • Earnings per share before and after dilution amounted to SEK -5.74 (3.34). Cash and cash equivalents in the parent company totalled SEK 1,627m (4,282)