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Ratos Talent Award 2016

In conjunction with Ratos’s Network Day, the Ratos Talent Award has been awarded – for the fifth consecutive year – as a way of recognising the many talented individuals working at our companies. The ability to attract and retain talent in the organisations is a decisive factor for the long-term success of the companies.

By means of the award, Ratos aims to encourage some of the outstanding individual contributions made in the companies and highlight positive role models, while also contributing to continued, broader talent development. This year, we will recognise individuals who have distinguished themselves in three different categories: Entrepreneurial, Committed and Responsible.

Entrepreneurial, Committed and Responsible comprise Ratos’s core values – values that we believe are critical in our efforts to be the best at developing companies in the Nordic region. We are also confident that there are many employees in our companies who are good role models in terms of exemplifying these qualities.

This year’s winners are Lise Gustavsen, Project Manager, HENT, Tania Nadal, Executive Director Clinical Monitoring, TFS, Laura Lajmanovich, VP China & Project Manager, Diab and Jörgen Dahlström, Group Process Engineer, Diab.

The jury’s citations were as follows:

“Entrepreneurial” - Lise Gustavsen, Prosjektsjef, HENT AS
“Based on her creativity and innovative thinking, Lise has been instrumental in leading and managing large complex construction projects. She delivers repeatedly the best financial results and completed buildings that impress the customers. Lise is a true entrepreneur who takes greater responsibility than expected. Her courage in combination with her curiosity make Lise always looking for continuous improvements that create strong results for both the customers and HENT.”

“Committed” - Tania Nadal, Executive Director Clinical Monitoring, TFS
“With a combination of great customer focus, hard work and employee dedication, Tania continues after 15 years at TFS to amaze with her strong commitment. Her tireless work to shape the future of the function and the company, do not only improves the quality and deliverables but creates a high engagement among her team which positively affect the business outcome for her business function and TFS as a whole.”

”Responsible” - Laura Lajmanovich, VP China & Project Manager and Jörgen Dahlström, Group Process Engineer, Diab
“With great integrity and dedication to follow Diab's Code of Conduct and UN's programs Global Compact, Laura and Jörgen have been a driving force to implement a new plant in China in a very impressive way. Without their big heart and determination to stand up for our Nordic values in an environment where authorities fighting corruption and the team pushing for better safety and environment, the project had not been implemented as successfully.”