Ratos as partner

  • Poul Pihlmann

    CEO of airteam

  • Jan Jahren

    CEO of HENT

As an active owner, we strive to build successful and sustainable companies.

In partnership with the companies, long-term values are created mainly through sales growth and profitability improvements. How this is done in practice differs from company to company. As an active owner, we can help recruit key people and supply the capital that enables the companies to invest in product development, improved customer offerings and inroads in new markets. We offer a far-reaching network that can share best practices and new ideas for long-term operational development.It may even entail making add-on acquisitions that provide revenue and cost synergies, or investments in new production technology to improve effectiveness and productivity.

We always aim to give management and the board new perspectives for growth, but also in relation to sustainable development, to ensure that the company has long-standing sustainable strategies. Below are a few words from two of our portfolio companies CEOs.

Poul Pihlmann, CEO of airteam
“We were looking for a partner that could get airteam to grow further and realise its full potential, and saw Ratos as an established, responsible investor with a strong primary owner in the Söderberg family.”

Jan Jahren, CEO of HENT
“We were looking for a partner who would support us but had no intention of acting operationally in the company...an owner who wanted to continue to professionalise the company’s governance and strategic work based on a strong, functional business model and corporate culture.”