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Ratos's network

We establish formal and informal networks between the companies to leverage synergies through economies of scale, but perhaps most of all to share knowledge and experience. Ratos enables independent mid-sized companies to excel by being part of something larger. We have several platforms for sharing knowledge:

Ratos BELP. In 2019, we launched the Business Executive Leadership Programme (BELP) in collaboration with the SSE Executive Education. 25 managers and leading talents from Ratos’s companies took part. The programme comprised four three-day modules focusing on strategy, finance, leadership and sales. The purpose of the programme is to provide new insight into international business influences, while also creating the potential for a strong internal leadership network.

Ratos Executive Network. Each year, we organise network meetings bringing together specialists in different functions to share their knowledge and experience. During 2019 there were meetings held and networks created for HR managers, purchasing managers, heads of sustainability, finance managers and CEOs. We also held a meeting specifically to discuss cyber security.

Ratos Summit. For 2020, we are arranging Ratos Summit, an event where all of the management groups in Ratos’s companies will meet for a full-day conference. The day will aim to increase the spread of knowledge between the companies, demonstrate good examples and results from the companies in different areas and foster inspiration though external lecturers.