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Corporate governance

The right CEO. It is important for Ratos to make sure that the company has the right CEO with the ability to put together a strong team. When it comes to producing good results, nothing is more important than strong leadership.

The right Board of Directors. The Board of Directors must have the right composition given the current situation of the company. Today, more than half of Ratos’s companies have a Ratos employee as their chairman, while the other companies have an external chairman. The size of the board is adapted to what is most beneficial for the current situation. The Board’s work must be effective and involve minimal bureaucracy.

A decentralised structure and culture. Responsibility for each Ratos company rests with the company itself and its respective management. Decisions in the company should be made as closely as possible to the customers and employees, without any unnecessary bureaucracy.

Quick and correct reporting. The companies’ financial development and ongoing activities are addressed at monthly meetings attended by the respective company’s CEO and CFO alongside Ratos’s CEO, CFO and other senior executives.

The right incentives. Incentives are an important aspect of Ratos’s model for company development. The CEO and other key individuals are offered incentives for creating value in the company in order to foster a sense of responsibility and a situation in which each company’s CEO and management can benefit from the company’s success. The right incentives attract the most committed leaders.