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Bisnode - driving a digital transformation

Bisnode is now a European market-leading data and analytics company that helps companies to find, manage and develop its customers throughout the entire customer life cycle. This is done by offering data-based services and analyses to enable companies to make smarter decisions.

The campaign to form the Bisnode of today started back in 2005 when Ratos merged Infodata with what was then Bonnier Affärsinformation to form Bisnode. The business model used while building up Bisnode enabled rapid acquisition-driven growth. A high growth pace and a decentralised structure also made it difficult to secure full returns on the investments in product development and IT platforms as well as partially overlapping sales resources. The One Bisnode project was implemented in 2012. It was an extensive structure and integration project aimed at creating a more coordinated and focused Bisnode. A huge job has been done and Bisnode is on course toward become a more integrated company that can realise its full potential by capitalising on economies of scale and synergies.

The vast increase in volumes of data coupled with trends in digitalisation, globalisation and new technologies that facilitate faster and more cost-effective data processing produce new opportunities.

“We have owned Bisnode for just over ten years and during this time we have, together with the company’s management, made major structural modifications. Among other changes, we have adopted an intense acquisition agenda and, most recently, devoted ourselves to integrating the acquisitions and creating a joint structure to facilitate joint platforms. Throughout this journey, Ratos has backed Bisnode with capital to enable the high acquisition-based growth. Under CEO Magnus Silverberg’s leadership, we see vast opportunities to realise the company’s underlying potential. There is a strategy plan with clear initiatives and activities that balance between growth and cost initiatives paired with a solution-oriented focus to resolve the historically fragmented structure. This means that the circumstances are good for Bisnode to become a new leading player with a foundation for continued organic growth in a world focusing on more digital processes,” says Henrik Lundh, Director at Ratos and company executive for Bisnode.

Bisnode has significant potential to continue to develop its business model based on the company’s local expertise and global resources within a growing market segment. Going forward, the priority is to pursue the digital transformation and realise the synergies provided by the change and, through more strategic initiatives that include strengthening the organisation and developing the offering, to continue to take market shares.

Facts about the investment

Investment year: 2004
Sales 2016: SEK 3,458m
EBITA 2016: SEK 228m