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Meet Ratos's employees and Industrial Advisors

  • Carina Strid, CFO

  • Johan Rydmark, Director

  • Karl Molander, Head of Debt Management

  • Per Nordgren, Industrial Advisor

  • Peter Carrick, Industrial Advisor

Carina Strid, CFO

As CFO of Ratos, I have a diverse and engaging role. A wide variety of issues land on my desk: everything from financial reporting and follow- up of how our portfolio companies are performing to a multitude of specific and complex accounting questions. I am driven by working with the breadth of issues that my job entails, internally at Ratos and in relation to our portfolio companies. Accordingly, I work strategically and with a long-term approach, but also with a focus on resolving challenges on a short-term basis.

I support the holding teams through transactions and in various situations where my financial knowledge and expertise are of help. Historically, Ratos has operated under constant change and development, which means that we as a finance department have needed, and still need to be, adaptable and flexible. This places additional demands on us as a team, a challenge that makes my job particularly dynamic and exciting.

Johan Rydmark, Director

As Investment Director and company executive at Ratos, I have a varied and stimulating role. Together with the boards of directors and management of the companies I am responsible for, we drive operational development. Ratos brings experience, competence, networks and capital to create increased growth and improved profitability.

Succeeding as an owner requires mutual trust between management, the board of directors and the owners. My view is that Ratos’s contribution makes a huge difference to the companies in which we are involved. For our companies, we serve as an active sounding board that sets demands and ensures there is a comprehensive strategy in place, with ambitious operational goals for development. We are perceived as a reliable partner that challenges the status quo by providing new perspectives. Ratos is able to employ a flexible ownership horizon, which I believe is a prerequisite for ensuring long-term and sustainable development of a company.

Nebula is one of our most recent examples, in which Ratos has succeeded well as an owner in continuing to develop a successful entrepreneur- driven company, while at the same time creating major value for our shareholders.

Karl Molander, Head of Debt Management

Ratos is long term and usually has a somewhat lower leverage than most PE funds. This, combined with working closer to the companies than is customary at banks where I come from, is what makes Ratos an attractive workplace.

Peter Carrick, Industrial Advisor

As Industrial Advisor to Ratos, I employ my experience mainly in building relationships to find suitable acquisition candidates and assist Ratos’s investment organisation in sorting out potential acquisition andidates. An important part of my role is to find the people who can help Ratos with its value-creating agenda during the acquisition process itself and the holding period. For me, Ratos is a company that stands and operates on sound values with a human image. It is a privilege for me to work with so many talented colleagues with whom I hope to be able to share my experience.

Peter is Chairman of Kvdbil.