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Meet Ratos's employees and Industrial Advisors

  • Mikael Norlander, Senior Investment Director

  • Tero Merentie, Investment Manager

  • Karl Molander, Head of Debt Management

  • Nina Grönberg, Group Accounting

  • Per Nordgren, Industrial Advisor

  • Peter Carrick, Industrial Advisor

Mikael Norlander, Senior Investment Director

My role as Senior Investment Director is multifaceted and varied. We work in teams, which affords me the opportunity to work together with highly knowledgeable colleagues to both develop the companies we already own, for which I am responsible for Bisnode and TFS, and identify new acquisition opportunities. It is largely about interaction between people as those of us in the companies work actively through boards and management. Becoming a good active owner takes time and requires collecting good practices. Analysis, governance and leadership are parts of the interrelated whole. When I worked as management consultant before joining Ratos, I met different private equity actors and their portfolio companies and saw enormous differences. Most particularly in perspectives, values and processes, all factors that are important for me in terms of job satisfaction. I also came upon Ratos in these contexts and appreciated both the people I met and Ratos’s perspective on ownership.


Tero Merentie, Investment Manager

I work with one of our Finnish companies and with new investment opportunities, in particular in Finland. I chose to join Ratos to gain a long-term perspective in company development combined with more short-term and intensive acquisition projects. Plus, it’s important for me that I work for a company that has sound values, a good reputation and talented, pleasant colleagues.


Karl Molander, Head of Debt Management

Ratos is long term and usually has a somewhat lower leverage than most PE funds. This, combined with working closer to the companies than is customary at banks where I come from, is what makes Ratos an attractive workplace.


Nina Grönberg, Group Accounting

Ratos is characterised by people with a genuine drive to do good things together. I work with consolidated financial statements and financial reporting, which lets me actively help to develop accounting and reporting processes. I’m also involved in many interesting Group-level issues. I like working in an inquisitive environment where new, exciting ideas are combined with long-term sustainability. I believe these are the best alternatives for the future.


Peter Carrick, Industrial Advisor

As Industrial Advisor to Ratos, I employ my experience mainly in building relationships to find suitable acquisition candidates and assist Ratos’s investment organisation in sorting out potential acquisition andidates. An important part of my role is to find the people who can help Ratos with its value-creating agenda during the acquisition process itself and the holding period. For me, Ratos is a company that stands and operates on sound values with a human image. It is a privilege for me to work with so many talented colleagues with whom I hope to be able to share my experience.