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Co-operation Against Trafficking

The development partnership Co-operation Against Trafficking (ISMT) was started in 2008 as a co-operation between authorities and civil society. Its purpose is to support the victims of human trafficking. Ratos has been the foundation’s principal sponsor since the formation, and therefore has considerable influence on how this work can develop.

Co-operation Against Trafficking (ISMT), is a national organisation that co-operates with authorities and civil society. Since society often lacks sufficient resources to support the victims of crime, ISMT is a key player which works to improve the situation for women, men, girls and boys who are victims of human trafficking.

Human trafficking exists throughout the world today in both poor and rich countries. According to the UN, the scope and organisation of human trafficking and its global spread have increased in recent years. Trafficking in women, men and children is also linked to other forms of international organised crime such drugs and arms trafficking.

Human trafficking is a shady business which makes it very difficult to obtain a clear picture of its true extent. Estimates show that hundreds of thousands to millions of people around the world are trafficked every year in order to be exploited in various ways.

Europol, the European Police Office, estimates that half a million people a year are trafficked in the EU countries alone to be sold for sexual exploitation. Every year an unknown number of women, men and children are transported to Sweden and exploited.