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Børnehjælpsdagen (The Children's Aid Foundation) is a Danish independent organisation founded in 1904. It aims to improve conditions for vulnerable children in Denmark with a focus on those living in children’s homes. The organisation’s activities are financed through revenues from lotteries, private sponsors and membership.

Since 2010, Ratos has chosen to support the project “Anbragte Børn i Bevægelse” (Physical Activities for Children in Care) which works to offer these children opportunities for physical activities.

The purpose of the project is to give children and young people the desire and ability to take more exercise in their everyday lives. In time, the project will help to increase the implementation of physical activities at children’s homes throughout Denmark.

The project offers children’s homes one or more visits from a wellness team, issues invitations to various types of activity days, arranges programmes for staff, and so on.

Each team works within the framework and wishes of each children’s home regarding physical exercise. The activities are adapted so that the children and adults can take exercise together and have fun.

These services are provided at no charge for the participating children’s homes, children and adults.