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Involved in community development

Ratos’s community involvement is founded in our 150-year history where long-term responsibility has been a natural part of our operations.

Ratos strives to contribute to a world where people have the opportunity to make a difference by changing and developing companies, sectors and society. By merging hearts and heads in our day-to-day work, our employees lend their time and expertise in business development and entrepreneurship to contribute to various public activities and projects with which Ratos has an established collaboration.

Two of Ratos’s largest owners, the Torsten Söderberg Foundation and the Ragnar Söderberg Foundation, are among Sweden’s biggest private providers of funding for scientific research and educational or study programmes (mainly in economics, medicine and law). Grants from the foundations are financed to a great extent with dividends from Ratos. Read more about the foundations.

Entrepreneurship and business development are key components in Ratos’s history and the core of today’s operations. Inkludera Invest, with which Ratos started a collaboration in 2014, is a non-profit organisation that works to combat marginalisation in Sweden by backing social entrepreneurs who have developed solutions to social challenges. In addition to providing the organisation with financial support, Ratos’s employees assist Inkludera Invest’s entrepreneurs by acting as mentors, sounding boards and support as well as holding workshops on corporate governance, for example. CEO Susanna Campbell participates in the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences’, IVA’s, project Prince Daniel’s Fellowship and Entrepreneurship Programme, a project aimed to encourage and inspire young people to consider entrepreneurship as an option.

Development of young people
Ratos has cooperated with Mentor Sweden since 2006 and is today one of its main partners. Mentor Sweden works to give young people a strong self-image and a brighter future outlook by offering various mentorship programmes and activities for parents. During the year, Ratos’s employees have inspired and spoken to students about their own work and taught business skills and codes together with Mentor. Moreover, Ratos provides financial means, resources and time to a variety of organisations that advocate education and research, and that counteract marginalisation in society.